VINA New Factory Park Founded

From 2005 to 2008, Vina team with excellent service concept and high-quality product has been recognized and trusted by customers and achieved a sharp growing in three short years. As the team member and the business demand are growing day by day, the original 1000 square meters factory is no longer enough for Vina’s developing. Nolan, the CEO of Vina decided to bring the team from the old factory to the new independent industry park which has 5000 square meter area in 2009. The area of new factory place is the five times of the old one!

--The Growth Path of Vina until 2009

At the early days of Vina, the team member of the whole company is only three people Nolan and two staff. As we all know that the road to the beginning of a business is very difficult, it did not make them fear but push Vina team put all their energy into the company! There is a famous saying from Napoleon “I succeeded because I willed it; I never hesitated.” Yes, God always favors who try to move forward. Vina won more and more orders through everyone’s unremitting efforts and the team also keep growing according to the business. In 2007, Vina had its first factory covered 1000 square meters in Shenzhen China, and the member from three to over twenty. 

--Vina bought a 5000 square meters Production Park

Vina never letting the early success stops moving forward, under the leadership of the founder Nolan, Vina continue to generate new business results.

Nolan said, “I am so grateful to all of Vina’s customers. Their support is the soil for Vina’s growth. Thanks to their support, Vina has been able to grow steadily. And I am also very very thankful to every member of Vina’s team, Vina’s achievements were made because of their participation. I love you all!”

In 2009, Vina bought a 5000 square meters independent industry park due to the growing business demand. In the same year, Vina built their own R&D team to offer more professional technical service and developing private mold products.

Post time: Dec-09-2022