Company History


In 2022, Vina has become the world's first commercially available small volume 240w with super big output power GAN PD3.1 Super Fast Charge intelligent current distribution multi-port charger, also 2C1A PD3.1 165w output super fast car charger. Vina passed the SEDEX system in this year,too.


In 2021, Vina is no longer satisfied with the research and development of 100w+ low-power GAN charging products and begins to move towards the intelligent multi-port fast charging products with 200w power. In the same year, Vina launched 200w PD3.0 GAN PD power smart fast charge and occupied abosolutely leading position in the field of high-power multi-port PD GAN smart charger.


In 2020, with the change of market demand, the high-power and small-size charger products are becoming more and more popular. Vina took the lead in launching 130w high-power GAN intelligent multi-port fast charger into the market, to seize the market opportunity for our customers once again.


In 2019, since the advent of PD fast charging technology, vina has been focusing on the development of smaller, more powerful and safer intelligent fast charging products. Fortunately, Vina broke through the technical problems of 100w intelligent power distribution four-port fast charging, and successfully developed and launched the 100w four-port fast charging appliance. This product is 40% smaller than the product with the same power on the market, which is deeply loved by many major brand customers.


In 2018, VINA R&D team finally made a breakthrough in LLC technology after unremitting research and development. What's important, the efficiency of 90W four-port ultra-thin PD charger was increased to 90%, which is a very advanced technology in this period. In addition, the R&D team also developed and launched the industry's first 95W lifting pressure 2C1A car charger in the same year, becoming the first production and development factory of this power segment car charger!


In 2017, the fast charge industry ushered in a new technology, PD fast charging technology began to appear on the market that time. While most factories were still on the sidelines, Vina was already launched a 60w PD fast charger in the same year. When the PD 60w charger lauched, it sold very well in Korean and Japan markets. This year, many of Vina's customers was able to take the big share of their local market beacause of the PD fast charger and get rish returns.


In 2016, Vina become the leading company of intelligent fast charging after firstly won the QC3.O certificate. In order to increase our daily production, imported many advanced equipments and new technologies.


In 2015, after the previous stage of technology precipitation, the technology of VIVA's R&D team is more mature and advanced than most of the technology at that time. Importantly, VINA firstly launched the synchronous rectification technology of intelligent recognition multi-port charger. Moreover, Vina won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise" in the same year!


In 2014, VINA is the first company launched the “Smart multi port charger” product, instant popular throughout the Asian market. Because of this product, Vina's turnover has reached a record high. But instead of being proud of VINA’s excellent results, we focused more on developing good products and higher quality. In the same year, Vina have its independent industrial production park which has 5000 square meters and team growing to 100+ members.


In 2011, for the purpose of providing a better serving system to customer, Vina gained BSCI certificate and verified by ISO9001 system. It is a remarkable year for VINA, because of the foundation of VINA’s own research and develop team inn this year.


In 2009, under the good leadership of CEO Ms Nolan, VINA’s business in the short three years by leaps and bounds, sales volume was growing sharply, and precipitates the need for long-term cooperation with regular customers in the same time. Vina’s team is also constantly expanding year by year, the trading business was no longer meet customers’ needs. This year, VINA moved into physical manufacturing and opened a 2,000-square-meter factory and team member from 3 to 50.


In 2005, Vina founded. Miss Nolan and other two members formed a team and start operating VINA since that time.