The Smallest size of 240watts PD GaN charger with muti ports of the world!

In 2022 March, Vina launched a 240 watts Gan tech PD3.1 charger with the most advance technology into the market! Its model number is PD-088PT (related models in the same output series PD-095CL, PD-095PTL).

In the middle of 2021, Vina had begun the development of the 240 watts high power output charger. The goal of the project was to create a gallium nitride (GaN) safe intelligent multi-port charger with the smallest volume and the biggest output power in the world.

However, the development of this product (PD-088PT) was fraught with difficulties.  Vina's R&D team (total 15 members) had to overcome many problems, such as product safety, temperature issues, protocol issues, intelligent programming and so on. After six months of researching and development and three months of product performance testing and function adjustment, PD-088PT was finally completed and officially launched to the market on Mar. 2022.  

PD-088PT is a desktop charger (GaN charger, PD charger), it has 4 charging ports in total (Three type c port and one USB port). This model support PD3.1 ultra-fast charging and intelligent current distribution, and the max output for single type c port can reach 140 watts! Moreover, the size of it is 89mm*63mm*35mm, the smallest size of 240w GaN charger in the world. It can bring good product technical barriers for major brands, also can pass CE, ROHS, FCC, CB, etc…

As a unique product in the world, it is instant hit in Korean market. PD-088PT has taken over the high power (240w) charger market in Korea at an astonishing speed! PD-088PT is loved by geek community that Vina have teamed with many famous brands around the world.

As of December 2022, there is still no any else similar product on the market with the same output power (or close output power)beyond its small size, Vina R&D team have made PD-088PT’s size and performance to extreme. 

Post time: Dec-09-2022