GAN Tech Charger

----What exactly is GAN, and why we need it?

Gallium nitride, or GaN, is a material that is beginning to be utilized for semiconductors in chargers. It was first utilized to create LEDs in the 1990s, and it's also a common material for solar cell arrays on spacecraft. The key advantage of GaN in chargers is that it creates less heat. Less heat allows components to be closer together, allowing a charger to be smaller than ever before while retaining all power capabilities and safety regulations.

----What Exactly Does A CHARGER DO?

Before we look at GaN on the inside of a charger, let's take a look at what a charger performs. Every one of our smartphones, tablets, and computers has a battery. When a battery transfers electricity to our gadgets, a chemical process occurs. A charger uses an electrical current to reverse the chemical process. Chargers used to continually send electricity to batteries, which might lead to overcharging and damage. Modern chargers have monitoring mechanisms that reduce current when a battery fills up, reducing the potential of overcharging.

----The heat is on: GAN REPLACES SILICON

Since the '80s, silicon has been the go-to material for transistors. Silicon conducts electricity better than previously used materials—such as vacuum tubes—and keeps costs down, as it's not too expensive to produce. Over the decades, improvements to technology led to the high performance we're accustomed to today. Advancement can only go so far, and silicon transistors may be close to as good as they are going to get. The properties of silicon material itself as far as heat and electrical transfer mean the components can’t get any smaller.

GaN is unique. It's a crystal-like substance that can conduct much greater voltages. Electrical current can travel through GaN components quicker than silicon, allowing for even faster computing. Because GaN is more efficient, there is less heat.


A transistor is, in essence, a switch. A chip is a tiny component that contains hundreds or even thousands of transistors. When GaN is utilized instead of silicon, everything can be brought closer together. This implies that more processing power may be crammed into a smaller footprint. A tiny charger may perform more work and do it faster than a bigger one.


The majority of us have a few electronic gadgets that require charging. We get a lot more bang for our buck when we adopt GaN technology—both today and in the future.

Because the overall design is more compact, most GaN chargers include USB-C Power Delivery. This allows compatible gadgets to charge quickly. Most contemporary smartphones support some form of rapid charging, and more devices will follow suit in the future.

----The Most efficient Power

GaN chargers are excellent for travel since they are compact and light. When it provides enough power for anything from a phone to a tablet and even a laptop, most people won't need more than one charger.

Chargers are no exception to the rule that heat plays a significant role in deciding how long electrical gadgets continue to function. A current GaN charger will operate for a lot longer than a non-GaN charger built even a year or two in the past because of the efficiency of GaN in transmitting power, which minimizes heat.


Vina was one of the first firms to create mobile device chargers and has been a trusted supplier for brand clients since those early days. The GaN technology is simply one aspect of the tale. We collaborate with industry leaders to create products that are powerful, quicker, and safer for each device to which you will connect.

Our reputation for world-class research and development extends to our GaN charger series. In-house mechanical work, new electrical designs, and collaborations with top chip-set manufacturers ensure the greatest possible products and user experience.


Our GaN chargers (Wall charger and desktop charger) are prime examples of VINA's next-generation technologies. Power range from 60w to 240w is the smallest GaN charger on the market and incorporates the ease of rapid, powerful, and safe charging into an ultra-compact form. You'll be able to charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other USB-C devices with a single powerful charger, making it ideal for travel, home, or workplace. This charger uses cutting-edge GaN technology to deliver up to 60W of power to any compatible device. Built-in safeguards protect your gadgets from over-current and over-voltage harm. USB-C Power Delivery certification assures that your devices work quickly and reliably.

Designed for safety, efficiency, and longevity. 

Post time: Dec-23-2022