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vina charger with Mobile phone charging process

02 Jun 2017 -

vina charger with Mobile phone charging process

Mobile phone charging process:

charger factory

QC1.0 charging protocol:
Broke the BC1.2 agreement charging maximum 1.5 A current limit.
To achieve 5 v2a, charging time by 40%
QC2.0 quick charge agreement: identification chip: FP6601 / FP6600
Open the high voltage charging time, break the routine 5 v output voltage standard for many years up to 9 v / 12 v / 20 v,
By identifying the USB D + / D - voltage, shaking hands with QC2.0 identification IC recognition,
Output: 5 v2a, 9 v2a, 12 v1. 5 a (18 w),

And wire does not need special handling the old wire can be general.

2 qc car charger

QC3.0 quick charge agreement: identification chip: FP6601Q
QC2.0 upgrade version, walk the fine line, using the algorithm of INOV, 0.2 V, for an adjustment,
The minimum hitting 3.6 V voltage 20 V, and backward compatibility QC2.0:9 V, 12 V, 20 V.
Due to the Type - c interface to gradually replace the original MicroUSB interface, maximum current also raised to 3 a.

Standard output plan: 3.6 V ~ 6.5 V3A, 6.5 V ~ 9 v2a, 9 V ~ 12 v1. 5 a (18 w)

3.0 type-c charger

QC4.0 quick charge agreement:
On November 17, 2016, qualcomm Xiao dragon technology summit in New York just released a new generation of quick charge technology QC4.0.Qualcomm that quick charge has become one of the important factors that affect the users to buy equipment, qualcomm latest QC4.0 fast charging technology, to provide users with satisfactory experience of quick charge.Gao ge "5 FOR 5" to describe QC4.0, this technology can be in charge of 5 minutes, let the user use 5 hours (battery capacity: 2750 mah), it can be in 15 minutes, will be a battery capacity is 2750 mah equipment charge to 50% of the battery.QC4.0 downward compatible with previous QC3.0 / QC2.0 quick charge, support USB Type - C, USB PD.

QC4.0 quick charge agreement improved mainly in the following aspects:
1, support USB Type - C, USB PD, have stronger compatibility;
In section 2, the electrical appliances increased the more advanced technology, extend battery life, enhance the safety of charging,
3, maximize improve charging efficiency by INOV algorithm (namely QC3.0:20 mv for a), optimize the charging process, reducing fever;
4, the use of the second power management chip to provide double quick charge, combined with intelligent thermal balance design, optimize charging efficiency.
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