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you must know the points of the Korea KCC certificates.

16 Feb 2017 - Korea KCC certificates.
South Korea to apply for KCC certification / KC certification, KCC is for low-voltage products, the test is the electromagnetic compatibility test. KC is for high-pressure product safety part of the test, the test is the safety aspects of the test.
Exports of South Korea's many types of electronic products, many high-pressure products exported to South Korea to test two projects, one is safe KC certification, one is electromagnetic compatibility KCC certification. Low-voltage products are basically only need to do KCC certification on it.
Export Korea to do KC certification, KC certification need to prepare the information:
1.KC certification service application form
2. Local agent authorization (when overseas applicant is applying)
3. Block Diagram (Circuit Diagram) & Circuit Diagram (Circuit Diagram)
4. Part List (including part number)
5. Antenna gain & Antenna specifications (provided for wireless products)
6. Korean instructions
7. PCB layout
8. Action Program (installation procedure)
9. Sample requirements: 2 (Note: wireless products need one of the antenna from the body to lead out)
Certificate Validity: The validity period of the wireless product KC certificate is permanent

Ordinary products containing LVD test need to test the factory once a year, no test factory certificate on the failure


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