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shocked! Quick Charge 4.0 fast charge mobile phone will be launched in the second half!

10 May 2017 - 4.0 fast charge
Prior to Qualcomm flagship mobile platform conference, in addition to the release of the new Xiao Long 835/830 processor, the other is worthy of our attention is the latest generation of high-pass fast charge technology Quick Charge 4.0 fast charge. Even before the comparison of the charging rate has been very powerful QC3.0, a new generation of QC4.0 fast charge technology will continue to enhance the power, the maximum support charge output power of 28W!
QC4.0 fast charge the biggest bright spot is to abandon the 12V high voltage mode, the former common output program mostly to 5V2.5A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A three, the nominal power of 18W; and to the QC4.0 fast charge body It becomes a 5V / 4.7A ~ 5.6A and 9V / 3A-based, nominal rate increased by nearly 20%!

Originally Xiaobian that this is only the concept of technology, after all, most of the market now Qualcomm SOC phone there is a large number of not equipped with QC3.0, the overall market penetration is not high And had news rumors, limited by the cost of restrictions, a new generation of mobile devices equipped with QC4.0 will not be listed this year.
Quick Charge 4.0快充
But things are not absolute, perhaps also increasingly hot mobile phone market stimulus, the latest foreign media news is Qualcomm will be launched in the second half of the product equipped with QC4.0 fast charge. However, Qualcomm has yet to show which phones will support Quick Charge 4.0, but it is easy to guess that in the new SoC has not yet launched, Quick Charge 4.0 may be used in the case of the flagship SoC Snapdragon 835, Is expected to have millions of mobile phones will carry Xiaolong 835 SoC.

Just a little pity is that most of the current mobile phone does not support 4.0 fast technology, but starting from the Xiaolong 835, including yesterday released Xiaolong 660/630 platform support 4.0 fast charge
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