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Xiaolong 835 will debut CES2017: fast charge and performance into the new generation

11 Jan 2017 - Xiaolong 835,fast charge

January 5 to 20, 2017, the US Consumer Electronics Show (CES2017) will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. As usual practice, Qualcomm announced a heavy message: CEO Steve? Mo Lunke Fu was invited to the local time on January 6 keynote speech, when the Xiaolong 835 processor will be officially unveiled.

Qualcomm first for the Xiaolong 835 processor Quick Charge 4 preheat, a new generation of fast charge to enhance the charging speed by 20%, 30% increase in charging efficiency, in about 15 minutes or less, the 2750mAh battery charge up to 50 % Of the electricity.

quick charegr for mi

Qualcomm announced earlier this week that it will cooperate with Samsung Electronics in the Xiaolong Technology Summit to use a 10-nanometer FinFET process in the Xiaolong 835 processor. The new process node will reduce chip size by 30 percent while improving performance by 27 percent and power consumption by 40 percent.

QC3.0 charegr for mi

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