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When will the real 5G phone market? Qualcomm confirmed in 2019

10 Apr 2017 - 5G phone
      Not long ago, ZTE MWC2017 show released a concept of super mobile
 phone, this product not only has the strongest configuration, and the 5G 

network, but now the 5G standard has not been released, only confirmeda LOGO, so it can not be called a true meaning


      On the 5G phone, can onlybe regarded as pre concept products. So when is the real first 5G phone on 
the market? Qualcomm recently gave the answer, they said to wait until 2019,
 and Qualcomm will provide its 5G components.
      Said Qualcomm's snapdragonX50 5G modem is expected in the second half 

of 2017 a kind, while providing under orders to the needs of suppliers, in order

to start development of 5G device.Qualcomm believes that the first batch of

mobile phone products is expected tobe officially launched in 2018.

     But this is only 4G to 5G NR the transition stagebetween real 5G and ZTE

 it is similar, after all the real 5G to wait until after the debut of technical standards

 announced, is expected to wait until at least 2020 will have a large number of real

 5G mobile phone market.But Qualcomm has declared himself ready, once the mobile

 phone manufacturers to complete, standard protocol has been confirmed, they can be 

quickly released and their related products, product specifications, will be slightly higher

 than the standard requirements.

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