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What has iphone changed ? Here are 10 changes in our life.

10 Jan 2017 - iphone

According to foreign media reports, Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) in January 9, 2007 brought a revolutionary mobile phone iPhone. At the time, this product in the beginning of the market has been ridiculed by competitors, its initial sales are flat. However, after the official on-line AppStore, iPhone series began its own rise to the road. Today, the iPhone has become Apple's product line to carry the tripod for its cumulative sales have exceeded 1 billion units, contributed almost half of the company's revenue. It is precisely because of this product, Apple transformed into the world's highest market value of the company.

Now, from the birth of the first generation of iPhone has passed for a full ten years, Apple recently held a grand celebration, the company CEO Tim - Cook (TimCook) said: "This is the beginning of the iPhone, the best Of the time has yet to come.

Here, let us by the advent of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone the opportunity to simply take a look at this smart phone to successfully change the ten aspects of people's lives:

1. Always online

Many people may remember, we are many years ago, the most important way to the Internet or a desktop computer or notebook. In the Internet, we first need to boot, point to open a dial-up program to dial, and then through the browser to browse the web. However, the appearance of the iPhone in 2007 changed all this. Here, we do not mean that the iPhone is the world's first mobile Internet-enabled devices, but the emergence of this device and the built-in well-designed Safari browser so that people really have the desire to access the Internet through mobile devices.

Of course, the emergence of a large number of applications has been so many people in their daily lives without a separate browser to play the necessary.

2. iPhone derivatives many

In the iPhone after the advent of Apple has designed a lot of relying on the iPhone derivative devices, such as iPad and Apple watches. At the same time, such as iPhone protection shell, Bluetooth players, portable sockets and headphones and other derivatives industry because of the emergence of iPhone and continued to hot now. US market research firm ABIResearch data show that the global mobile peripherals market revenue is expected in 2021 to reach 110 billion US dollars in size.

3. Application for the first

Many people do not realize is that when the iPhone came out in 2007 when there is no matching application market. Until 2008, Apple launched the iOS 2.0 system and iPhone3G when the official launch of the App Store. It should be said, the emergence of the App Store iPhone really has been recognized around the world. Today, almost every well-known enterprises have their own mobile-side applications. If there is no App Store, then, such as Instagram, Uber, Snapchat these phenomenon-level enterprises may not even appear.

4. Everyone is photographed mad

As early as the iPhone before the camera is already essential to the design of mobile devices, but the iPhone is really the Internet, applications and pictures of the three elements of the perfect integration together.

Avi Greengart, an analyst at Current Analysis, a market research firm, said: "The iPhone has increased the number of photos we have today by more than one order of magnitude.

5. Live live

Today, the popularity of the camera means that users can record their own moments of life at any time, and even anytime, anywhere live their own details of life, which Facetime and Facebook Live such as these services may now iPhone users are most familiar with the application case. Of course, many people will be concerned about their privacy and security. But fortunately, Apple has so far been on this issue without concessions.

6. "Touch everywhere"

Born after 2010, children have become accustomed to such as television sets, and even books, newspapers, try to slide the operation, and did not get the desired effect after feeling puzzled. Today, more and more household appliances, such as refrigerators, table lamps and washing machines are beginning to adopt the iPhone-led touch screen design, which is even the first Steve Jobs did not imagine a huge change.

7. Master the traffic

Each iPhone in the built-in map application can help each user to become any city "old driver", which Google (microblogging) map and Apple map is the highest usage of the two map applications. Moreover, their built-in public transport routes and nearby points of interest are also recommended features to win the praise of users.

8. Mobile game of the golden age

The emergence of the iPhone almost re-defined the concept of the so-called mobile games, such as "angry bird" these hand travel quickly fire all over the streets, and iPhone introduced a new in-game payment mechanism and payment models to further promote the mobile gaming industry Of the hot. For example, many of today's games are free to download, into the game, but if the user wants to further enhance the performance of the game, you need to pay for props or other generation of gold coins.

9. Cash is no longer king

In all fairness, Apple is not the first to try to change the mobile payment industry technology companies, but it is the first mobile payment concept deeply rooted in the enterprise. For example, the iPhone not only supports Apple Pay, but also can help users store such as coupons, membership cards and movie tickets and other bills. Although cash is still important in many contexts, it is true that more and more consumers are starting to use mobile to pay.

10. Surprise countless

IPhone appears in all aspects of change is definitely not just an article can be fully summarized, but also many things we can only say in one word. For example, the emergence of iPhone almost killed Adobe Flash on mobile devices living space, people no longer need to carry a calculator or flashlight to go out. But at the same time, the emergence of the iPhone and its many derivative services is also at the expense of user privacy data as the premise to achieve, such as Uber need to know the location of the user address to arrange the vehicle, which allows government agencies exist to obtain this information for other purposes Of the possible

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