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Uncover the mystery secrets of quick charger

11 Jan 2017 - QC quick charger
Currently on the market of mobile advertising fast charge a lot of PD, QC, PEP, FCP, DASH, VOOC, looks varied, but they are basically the following ways to achieve fast charge:
Voltage constant, improve the current;
Current unchanged, to enhance the voltage.
Whether it is a large voltage or high current, and ultimately by increasing the power to enhance the speed of fast charge. Now, we take a look at the current mainstream of a fast faction.

QC quick charger
Qualcomm Quick Charge (referred to as QC) factions
Qualcomm fast charge technology has been developed to the Quick Charge 4.0, but the mainstream market or Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, the use of high-voltage low-current fast charge program.

QC 1.0: only supports up to 5V / 2A of the charging power;
QC 2.0: 5V / 9V / 12V / 20V to provide the fourth gear charging voltage, the maximum charge current 3A;
Quick Charge 3.0: based on the QC 2.0, 200mV increments as a file to support the 3.6V to 20V voltage flexible choice for mobile phone manufacturers to adjust according to product demand, so as to achieve the best charging efficiency. At present, including Xiaolong 821,820,620,618,617 and 430, including a variety of Xiaolong processors support QC3.0, the market standard QC 3.0 fast charge and support the agreement mobile phone LG G5, millet phone 5 and so on.

As for the latest generation of Quick Charge 4.0, has been identified in the next-generation flagship chip Xiaolong 835 processor support.

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