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Two simple ways can help you enjoy the great feeling of quick charger!

14 Mar 2017 - quick charger!
For now living in fast-paced city people, fast charge function is how intimate.
Now the domestic mobile phone has long been in the field of flash charging to make innovative and perfect, people have long enjoyed the convenience of fast charge.
For many Apple mobile phone users, all aspects are good, the only thing that may be envious of the fast charge this one.
In fact, iPhone can also achieve fast charge, of course, this requires two small tips

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1, use your iPad charger to charge the iPhone
IPad charger specifications for the 12W, 2.1A (old iPad for the 10W), and iPhone charger specifications for the 5W, 1A, obviously with the iPad charger speed will be faster. In addition, Apple has said in the official text of the document that users can use 12W charger for other equipment, such as iPhone, Apple Watch and other accessories, so we do not have to worry about security issues.
According to foreign media editor pro test, use the iPad charger for the iPhone 7 Plus full charge takes 2 hours, and with the iPhone original charger will take 3 hours.
If you have the iPad best, if not, you can also consider buying an iPad original charger, priced at around $ 20.

2, open the flight mode when charging
In the flight mode for the iPhone charging, can significantly improve the charging speed, but need to be reminded that: flight mode, the phone can not accept text messages, telephone, and all APP messages, so whether to choose this method, the user needs to decide according to the actual situation.
According to foreign media editor pro test, in the flight mode using the iPad charger for the iPhone 7 Plus charge, just 1.5 hours, charging speed directly doubled. Do not forget to turn off the flight mode Oh ~

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Did you learn it?
We can go back and try.
Hope that the above content can bring convenience to everyone's life.

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