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This year, three new iPhone will be configured to store and support all 3G fast charge!

14 Apr 2017 - new iPhone
     Recently, foreign analysts Timothy Arcuri report pointed out that Apple Corp 2017 iPhone three models will be configured to run 3GB memory.
iphone 8
    What is the use of running memory? A word can explain: your mobile phone can run many programs and at the same time the card is not card!

    Apple currently only iPhone7 Plus is running 3GB memory, which means that Apple will be standard running memory to improve!
Mentioned in the report, in the storage configuration, the 3 iPhone will continue to use the storage capacity of 32/128/256/, and 3GB of memory to run; while the OLED version of the iPhone will only provide the storage capacity of 64GB and 256GB.
2017 iphone8
    If so, it is a good news for the love of 4.7 inch iPhone users, they can continue to buy love and enjoy the size of 3GB running memory upgrade, rather than to force yourself to buy iPhone 8 OLED screen, to avoid unnecessary overhead!

    In addition, the analysts believe that the new iPhone will support fast charging technology, but the interface is still using the Lightning interface.

    For the iPhone configuration 3GB deposit, which is not surprising, iPhone from the beginning of the 128MB deposit and now go, one point one points will be shipped to improve the standard shipped to, 3GB deposit, this may not be able to rise. When is the fast charging function down? IPhone7 Plus charge 3 or 4 hours, there is no quick charge function too uncomfortable, do you think?

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