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Tthe qualcomn technology will be the standard equipment of smartphone in 2017 !

22 Feb 2017 - qualcomn technology

With the continuous development of smart phones, features continue to improve, people are increasingly dependent on mobile phones, so life has become the focus of attention when using mobile phones

Fast-paced life on the one hand so that people have a high demand for battery capacity, on the one hand the charging technology also has a higher level of expectations. Therefore, fast-charging mobile phone came into being, the current fast-charge technology with a few mobile phone.

In addition to our familiar OPPO flash charging technology, with the high-pass Xiaolong 835's official release, a new generation of fast charge technology Quick Charge 4.0 also to achieve

It is reported that this technology can be in 15 minutes or even less time filled up to 50% of the electricity, to achieve charging for five minutes, call 5 hours, not only to meet the fast charge, but also to extend the battery life

Huawei is also well-known battery conference, debut their own industry's first high-temperature long-life graphene lithium-ion battery

This battery has been put into commercial, fast charge the same amazing. This shows that next year's mobile phone market, fast charging technology will continue to consolidate, and gradually become the standard mobile phone.

2017 QC3.0 quick charger  2017 quick 3.0 charger

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