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The protection of samrt cahrger and why we choose smart charger?

25 Apr 2017 - samrt cahrger
First:smart charger safety protection

short-circuit protection

over-voltage protection

Over-current protection

Prevent leakage protection
type-c charger
1:Using imported intelligent power management chip, All-round real-time monitoring, make   the product more stable

2:The highest 8 a charging at a high speed,Automatic matching to charge and discharge flow,   Maximum output 8 A, high stability, make you charge more efficient and safer.

3:beautiful outlook,comfortable texture Smart charger with good material, Adopt     international painting process, beautiful outlook,comfortable texture, High temperature     resistant, Safety in use

4:Charging more save your space, A smart charger 5 outlet, save your socket location,   Countless smart tablet, mobile phone charging more province space

5:Smart charge,Super compatible,Support all the smart phones, tablet charge

6:High quality capacitor,Over-current, overheating, short circuit and other security protection

7:Import power management chip

8: transformer,Faster and more stable

9: Heat sink,Efficient protection of internal heat dissipation problem

Second:smart charger Product parameter

1) Intelligent recognition,compatible with more devices
Automatic identification of various device type,Automatic matching equipment required for the best charging current.

2) smart converter fast not to hurt mobile phone

Real-time detection equipment supply charging stage, to give the best current, faster and the battery zero injury.

3) (intelligent protection, charge safe)
Innovation PTC against over-current、over-voltage、leakage、 short circuit protection mechanism, charging safer and more secure.

More than one charge, charge clean is convenient

4) PC heat resistant smoldering shell

The flame retardant engineering plastics, 750 degrees high temperature does not burn, fire effectively

5) guarding equipment safety overload protection module high load support

high load, the application more household appliances. Built-in overload protection, effectively prevent overload of danger.

6)electrical safe lightning protection
Built-in surge lightning protection circuit protection devices, to ensure that the equipment utilization.
5 ports charger
Third :smart charger life using

1:The life that occupy the home, neat and safe, centralized power supply, safe and tidy

2:Simple fashion work environment

3:Office environment centralized power supply ability, and strive to meet all your demand, make your office more organized and easy to deal with more tedious work.

4:Travel the world, just take it.
3port charger
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