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The huge 5G value chain, Qualcomm selected from the three scenes cut

28 Apr 2017 - 5G
April 27 Global Conference (GMIC), Qualcomm (China) Chairman Meng Ming published the theme of "5G achievements of a new era of intelligence" speech.

Meng Pu summed up the past 30 years the rapid development of the Internet, PC Internet to mobile Internet across people, people will be connected up. According to statistics, more than 7 billion terminals are connected globally. And now the Internet is in the old and new transfer part. Qualcomm's vision is to connect the global mass terminals together for the next 30 years.
2015 return to Qualcomm as chairman of China's Meng Pu that the 5G era will provide a unified connection architecture, the emergence of new technologies. He cited the process from 2G to 3G to 4G, which is a huge process of progress every 10 years.

On the 5G, Meng described three scenes.

Scenario 1: the past 15 years when the rapid development of mobile Internet, can use mobile Internet, to send pictures to send video, the future development of 5G will also follow this road, in the high-speed Internet access to achieve thousands of Gigabit transmission capacity, This is the traditional mobile broadband application scenario.

Scenario 2: Now 4G or WiFi in the transmission time to use a large number of scenes is to send information, video, the middle of the intermittent, but will not affect the security of the event. But suppose that in the field of automatic driving, if the transmission due to delay and security can not guarantee the connection, which is very serious. So 5G as the next generation of mobile communication development standards and the development, we must put the low latency, high security of this application scene into the 5G standard and industrial development.

Scenario 3: Internet of things is a great concept, perhaps in the future everyone wearing a lot of connection devices, your glasses, watches, bracelets and other devices, in addition to home, office, car and other places of different equipment , There will be an infinite number of intelligent terminals need to connect to the network. So how can the mass terminal to connect to the Internet, which is our industry in the 5G as a universal connection standard to solve the problem.

On the 5G value chain, Meng Park also shared a set of data:

- It is expected that by 2035 the Chinese 5G value chain will generate $ 984 billion in output and the global 5G value chain will generate $ 3.5 trillion in output;

- It is expected that by 2035 the 5G value chain in China will create 9.5 million jobs and the global 5G value chain will create 22 million jobs.

Faced with such a huge communications market, the next Qualcomm and the three major operators will be ahead of the deployment of network testing, and then began to layout 5G promotion and innovation.
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