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The growth-history of Qualcomn started from QC 1.0 to QC 4.0 !

21 Feb 2017 - QC 4.0
February 15, Meizu opened a thousand yuan machine fast charge era.

Today, Xiao Anke about what is "fast charge".

We take for granted that fast charge is charging fast, what is good to say?

Today, let you up position.


Nokia dominated the era of functional machines, because the battery is very small, the charging speed requirements are low, mainly to 5V / 0.5A-based, and later Andrews machine up, at most 5V / 1A.

In 2013, Qualcomm first developed a standard, specifications for the 5V / 2A, called Quick Charge (fast charge), but also apply for a patent trademark ...

Which officially opened the smart phone fast charge era.


At present, the market's fast-filled family has several iconic products:

Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC)

Qualcomm most classic QC fast charge series, has now developed to the fourth generation.

① QC 1.0:
5V / 2A standard, the primary 10W fast charge, iPhone 7 charging power on this level, yes, 10W can also be called "fast charge."

② QC 2.0:
5/9/12 / 20V, the largest 3A, the phone will generally be used only between 5 ~ 12V, most of the 9V level, the maximum power of 18W.

③ QC 3.0:
3.6 ~ 20V flexible changes, the phone supports the maximum 12V / 2A, the power peak can reach about 24W.

④ QC 4.0:
Voltage and current through the algorithm to adjust, 5 ~ 9V / 3 ~ 5.6A, the maximum power of 28W, Xiao Long 835 platform starting.

To the QC 4.0 era, Qualcomm also slowly reduce the voltage, increase the current to adjust the fast charge effect, be regarded as a combination of OPPO VOOC flash and high-pass QC fast charge advantage.


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