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The appling processes for CE certification !

20 Feb 2017 - CE certification !
1, the manufacturer of the relevant laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) to make oral or written preliminary application.
2, the applicant to complete the CE-marking application form, the application form, product manual and technical documents sent to the laboratory (if necessary, also requires the applicant to provide a prototype)
3, the laboratory to determine the inspection standards and test items and offer.
4, the applicant to confirm the offer, and the samples and related technical documents sent to the laboratory.
5, the applicant to provide technical documents.
6, the laboratory issued a notice to the applicant, the applicant in accordance with the charges to pay the cost of certification fees.
7, the laboratory for product testing and technical documents for review.
8, technical documentation review includes:
A, the document is perfect.
B. Whether the document is written in the official languages of the European Community (English, German or French).
9, if the technical documents are not perfect or not using the required language, the laboratory will inform the applicant to improve.
10, if the test failed, the laboratory will promptly notify the applicant, allowing the applicant to improve the product. So, until the test qualified. The applicant shall make changes to the technical information in the original application in order to reflect the actual situation after the change.
11, the rectification fees involved in Article 9 and 10 of this page, the lab will issue a supplementary fee notice to the applicant.
12, the applicant in accordance with the supplementary fee notice to pay the rectification fee.

13, the laboratory to the applicant to provide test reports or technical documents (TCF), and CE certificate of compliance (COC), and CE mark.

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