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The advantages of QC 3.0 quick charger !

15 Feb 2017 - QC 3.0 quick charger

QC3.0 fast charger for usb devices

1: QC3.0 compatible with QC2.0 support mobile phone, with intelligent adaptive function, there is a mouth with QC3.0 high-pass fast charge technology, the other four    intelligent distribution of    intelligent products to output the    maximum 7.2A       current to To    achieve the fastest time to charge the time requirements.

2: support five devices at the same time charging, in order to achieve a variety of mobile devices have enough power.
3: This product is five chargers, support Apple, Sams
4: This product uses the world's large-scale circuit supplier Texas Instruments new USB intelligent control chip and charge and discharge chip. Not only to provide 7 heavy circuit protection, but also to enhance the efficiency of the    overall release
5: products are fully compatible with smart matching iphone and other mobile phones, ipad and other tablet PCs, ipod, PSP game consoles, Bluetooth devices, MP3 / MP4 and other digital products to charge, charging speed depends on your    equipment and input electrical current.
6: conventional plug
    GB / US regulation / day regulations: wall plug, plug panel available flat head plug
    European regulations: wall plug, plug panel available round head plug

    British regulations: plug the special conversion can be connected with the three feet thick plug

QC3.0 quick charger for usb devices

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