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Surprise! IPhone 8 will be equipped with dual battery super fast 3D camera for the first time

26 Apr 2017 - IPhone 8
Recently, iPhone X that iPhone 8 design and motherboard and the internal structure of the schematic diagram was exposed. Through the exterior design can be seen, iPhone 8 dual lens camera non-horizontal orientation, but may use vertical orientation, the other front camera may also add a second shot. Machine will be used before and after the surface of the glass material, and iPhone 4 machine material concept similar.
Motherboard and machine internal structure diagram can be seen, iPhone 8 motherboard integration once again raised to the highest level of the industry, the use of stacked board (Substrate-like PCB / SLP) design. Camera, the front 3D camera and sensor and infrared biometric sensors are hidden design, most of the front panel for the screen occupied by the screen screen state only shows the handset hole. Fingerprint is embedded in the bottom of the screen design, so that the overall home hidden in the screen, but this technology is still quite difficult. The biggest bright spot is the battery, iPhone 8 battery will be L-shaped layout, but because the board space is limited, so the Apple battery were split into two, effectively by increasing the battery capacity to significantly increase the battery life problems, in the moment Mobile phone fast charge technology is very high degree of popularity, iPhone 8 is said to also join the super fast charge technology, and charging efficiency is quite amazing, the battery power from 0-100 full charge only 20 minutes.
2017 iphone8

All of the above technology iPhone 8 if all really achieved, it is tantamount to Apple's iPhone series phone once again stood on the high point of the mobile phone industry!

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