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Shocked! 512G mobile phone will be born in end of this year!

10 Mar 2017 - 512G mobile phone
It is estimated that many users in the use of mobile phones have encountered mobile phone memory situation, in order to solve this problem the capacity of mobile phones has been increasing, from 8GB to 16GB to 32GB, and now 64GB has become mainstream, 128GB or even 256GB Mobile phones are also many come out, but stopped at 256GB it?
522G phone
Recently, Taiwan enterprises launched a new UFS 2.1 main controller series, the highest with 512GB flash memory particles (TLC NAND), after the user will bid farewell to the lack of storage. The new SMFS 2.1 main controller family has two, "SM2750" support HS-G3 x1 channel (5.8Gbps), then read and write speeds of up to 30000 IOPS; "SM2752" supports HS-G3 x2 channel (11.6Gbps ), Random read and write speed increased to 50000 IOPS, 40000 IOPS.
It is understood that some manufacturers have begun to provide UFS 2.1 master samples, the second half of today will be put into mass production, the fastest by the end of this year there will be 512GB mobile phone available.
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