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Samsung S8 fast charge 20 minutes full, zoom trick!

29 Mar 2017 - Samsung S8
Samsung GALAXY S8 related information seems to have been lifted overturned, but did not think Samsung seems to have left a big move. According to the newsletter @ i ice universe in the microblogging on a Samsung super battery technology spy photos show that Samsung GALAXY super fast charge technology, to achieve 0-100% power less than 20 minutes to full of "Guards "Function, and may eventually appear later in the GALAXY S8 series released later today.
Although the previously published information shows that the Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 + charger with only 15w charge output, and is seen as Samsung for the sake of security and did not introduce a super fast charge technology compromise. But the fact is likely to be contrary to people's expectations, according to broke the news @ i ice universe in the microblogging exposure of a spy photos show that Samsung GALAXY S charging + technology will have two major features, one has GALAXY super battery technology, Second, in 20 minutes to achieve 0-100% power super fast charge technology.

Although Samsung is not clear this super charging technology more details, such as the battery capacity and output power, etc., but because Samsung SDI has been in the automotive battery fast charging technology has been similar to the technology, so in the GALAXY S8 release eve suddenly The emergence of such information, in the eyes of many people may mean that Samsung is likely to hide the "big move", which is for the new flagship product to provide super fast charge technology.

It is worth mentioning that there are friends based on the spy on the part of the code, guess the actual text content: "Smart ** charge: automatically improve ** Samsung S8 battery life". It seems that the upcoming Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 + equipped with the possibility of this technology is very large.

However, taking into account the serious consequences of the Samsung Note 7 bombings, Samsung GALAXY S8 series in the already can not be lost, so there are users analysis, said: "Samsung wants to develop fast charge technology, their own first do not agree. What is the problem, who is going to the pot? This is not a technical problem at all, but a political issue. To this end, the news Meng Meng's audio-visual in the micro-Bo said, "Samsung GALAXY C on the charge to consider faster charging, but this time S8 ... ... do not know, maybe ...". It can be seen, Samsung GALAXY S8 series will be equipped with super fast charge technology, perhaps only in the conference will be revealed mystery.

Faced with the problem of shortage

In addition, according to South Korean media, "South Korean Herald" reported that, due to high-pass Xiao Long 835 processor production is insufficient, Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 + is likely to appear in the market when the situation in short supply. At the same time the Korean media also informed sources, Samsung's own Exynos 8895 chip production is also lower than expected.
Samsung S8
In the previous, according to the news, due to lack of chip supply makes Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 + release time from April 21 to April 28 delay. As for the national version of the country, the news is now available in May to sell, which may make a lot of people feel disappointed
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