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Samsung Galaxy S8 for security only support QC2.0 fast charge program

05 Apr 2017 - QC2.0 fast charge
     TechWeb reported on April 1 news, Samsung on Wednesday in the official release of the Galaxy S8 / S8 + mobile phone, as equipped with Xiaolong 835 processor to become the strongest Andrews machine king. Now the latest news, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a detail to do a conservative treatment, the most obvious is the battery and fast charge
     According to the news to understand, Samsung released Galaxy S8 overseas, and did not explicitly say that the specific parameters, after the press conference published a detailed configuration parameters, found in the memory, rear camera and battery have shrunk. In particular, equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 processor, the official said it has supported up to 27W QC 4.0 fast charge, but unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy S8 released this support fast charge, afraid of the emergence of Note7 things happen, so choose a conservative approach, QC2.0 fast charge standard 9V / 1.67A charger.

     In addition, IHS analyst Li Huabin Robin microblogging friends in the microblogging said, "Samsung S8 & S8 + front-line battery suppliers are used, including the old rival LG, fast charge specifications are conservative, and basically no similar to Note7 explosion problem, SDI is no longer a dominant, supply and risk are well controlled. "Enough to prove that Samsung chose this conservative approach, or completely lost the market.

     Finally, Samsung chose a conservative approach, choose the stability of the practice will increase the confidence of the product, re-on the road will be more attention to many mobile phone users, Samsung this time in S8 will not have a new breakthrough? Then wait for Samsung S8 new domestic conference, and then look at the market reaction, wait and see.
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