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Qualcomm smart phone fast charge of the top ten protection!

20 Mar 2017 - Qualcomm smart phone
1) intelligent identification, compatible with more equipment
Automatically identify a variety of device types, automatically match the equipment required for the best charging current
Equipped with four USB charging interface, a 2.1A, three 1A. Charging speed one step.
Whether you are Andrews mobile phone or Apple mobile phone or mobile power, MP4 and other 5V devices, the interface can find the best fastest charging current, of course, self-evident speed.
2) smart flow quickly do not hurt the phone
Real-time detection equipment charging stage supply, giving the best current, faster, the battery charge zero damage.
Exquisite, high-grade, compact, 4-hole charger quality, you can see.

3) intelligent protection, charging security assured
Innovation PTC anti-overcurrent, over voltage, leakage, short circuit protection mechanism, charging safer and more peace of mind.
Built-in over-current over-voltage, leakage and short-circuit protection and other multiple security modules to protect the time being a high degree of security equipment. Multi-filter module to ensure that the stability of each moment of the current, to prevent clutter on the phone damage

Short circuit protection
Overvoltage protection
Overcurrent protection
Protection against leakage

4) PC high temperature smoldering shell, safe and secure electricity
The use of flame-retardant engineering plastics, 750 degrees high temperature does not burn, effective fire

5) overload protection module (2500W high load support)
2500w ultra-high load, the application of more household appliances. Built-in anti-overload protection, effectively prevent the risk of overload.
Featured excellent imported components effort to build, the first ultra-high power output, easy to deal with multiple mobile phones, flat fast charge, no heat, do not interfere with each other.
6) lightning protection, always guardian equipment safety
Built-in anti-thunder and lightning protection device to ensure that equipment power foolproof.

7). Voltage is converted to 5V digital device requires voltage
Removable power cord for easy carrying and can be used at any time to replace the power cord
8) charge without borders
Using 100-240V supply voltage to meet the charging environment of different countries and regions.

9) charge more free
1.2 meters long easy to accept the power cord, whether it is the living room, study, TV wall, bedside cabinet or office, easy to move freely, charging more casual.

10). Intimate non-slip, intimate little pad
Firmly grasp the desktop safety first

Home life, clean and safe, centralized power supply, safe and clean and comfortable working environment simple fashion. Centralized power supply, and strive to meet your office environment all the power supply needs, so that your office more organized, easy to deal with more cumbersome work.
Tour the world, said go away, a machine charge, clean and clean. Charge more safely get rid of the charge!
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