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Qualcomm changed the name! Called "platform", do not call "processor"!

18 Mar 2017 - Qualcomm changed the name
According to technology blog TechCrunch Beijing time on March 16 reported that Qualcomm issued a document on Thursday, will be the product brand positioning to make adjustments, later no longer known as Xiao Long brand "processor", renamed the "platform."
Qualcomm explained in detail the reasons for this adjustment. "The processor is a vocabulary that we have used for years to mention the Xiao Long brand, as we said - our Xiao Long processor," Qualcomm said in Bowen, "but this term can not fully represent the technology The real meaning, can not accurately reflect the tens of thousands of Qualcomm innovators research solutions.

Qualcomm believes that a simple "processor" is not enough to describe the technology of Xiao Long.

Qualcomm is also true. With the development of technology, Qualcomm has added more features to its products, embracing enhanced reality (AR), image reality (CR) and unmanned aerial vehicles, adding fast charging and biometrics to its products. But the most important thing is that Qualcomm seems to want to prove that creating a brand is a difficult thing, especially if your product is built into people's purchases of goods.

Few companies are able to make such an inner brand a success, and Intel is a rare exception. In the 1990s, Intel's "Intel Inside" marketing program was a success. At that time, the elements of the brand (for components such as indispensable elements to develop brand) marketing has made considerable progress.

Qualcomm may be anxious. In the smart machine chip competition, Qualcomm victory, has been in the early users to create a very strong brand influence, these users for its equipment Xiaolong model attention and system version number as high. But recently, more and more companies began to seek independent development of the chip, trying to stand out from the many manufacturers.

Qualcomm recently with Apple, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other global regulatory authorities have a dispute. These news may make those non-tech fans aware of Qualcomm hidden in the product within the brand name. However, Qualcomm certainly do not want new users to understand the company's first thing is to dispute with the FTC. Of course, the Xiaolong positioning from the processor to the platform can not change the dispute.

In addition, Qualcomm also announced that the entry-level 200 series processors will no longer use Xiao Long brand, but switch to "Qualcomm Mobile." This adjustment is designed to highlight Qualcomm's higher-end products
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