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Qualcomm and MWC Meizu may leave these big strokes!

04 Mar 2017 - MWC Meizu

    2017MWC World Mobile Communications Conference will be held on February 27 in Barcelona, when a number of global technology giants will be exhibiting, publish their own new technology. Today, the mysterious Meizu has also kept the mystery on the official micro-news release, confirmed that will participate in the MWC2017, posters played the "Faster Than Ever" slogan, and invite everyone to enter the Meizu "fast" moment, want to come this may be the main "Speed" of the new products appear.


Previously, Meizu and Qualcomm released the hatchet, the two sides reached a consensus, some users guess, the MWC conference on the new, may use Qualcomm chips, there may be a series of future products have cooperation. At the same time, Meizu Vice President Li Nan said in the microblogging, this will not send new products, but will bring a breakthrough new technology.
    According to the current domestic manufacturers exposure of the news, the MWC, the local technology or into a bright spot. ZTE will also carry Pre5G Massive MIMO base station, 5G full range of high and low frequency pre-commercial products and the latest 5G Flexhaul bearing program, optical access to the flagship platform TITAN debut, also released "breakthrough concept of mobile phone" ; Huawei will bring a new flagship machine P10, equipped with unicorn 965 processing, Lycra two debut. Millet will also bring its own research and development of the processor - pine nuts.

    From the current information, Meizu main "fast", or in the processor, camera speed, fast charge or system and other aspects of a breakthrough, there are a number of software, hardware, patent innovation, will be a big Meizu Chips. And this is the biggest bright spot, is the founder of Meizu Huang Zhang debut, it is learned that Huang will attend the MWC Conference and an interview, then or will reveal the future of Meizu new news, and Qualcomm's cooperation will be further. Meizu how to interpret the MWC, let us wait and see.

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