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Qualcomm and Huawei fight for the 5G standard:Annoucing the connection of 5G !

23 Feb 2017 - Huawei 5G
Last year, Qualcomm and Huawei 5G code dispute has aroused widespread concern. QUALCOMM and Huawei have completed a 5G connection based on the International Mobile Communications Standardization Organization (3GPP) 5G New Air (5GNR) standard on the same day.

February 22, Qualcomm issued a statement announced the successful completion of its first 3GPP 5G based on the new air (5G NR) standard work 5G connection, 5G new air port is expected to become the world 5G standard.

Subsequently, China 5G Standard Group released information that recently Huawei in Beijing Huairou field test environment, the first to carry out the 3.5GHz 5G under the new air field performance test and instrumentation / chip business interoperability docking test.

The two companies in the 5G new air port technology is also "doing my part."

The so-called air port, refers to the mobile terminal to the base station between the connection agreement. Is a vital standard in mobile communication standards. There are a series of technical standards in the airway. Coding, modulation, frame structure, filtering and so on.

3G era air port coding technology for CDMA, 4G era technology for OFDM. 5G times who use the technology? 2017 should be the 5G decision year, the first version of the 3GPP 5G specification is scheduled for release in 2017/2018. At present, the international standardization organization 3GPP is developing 5G new air standard. Followed by 5G new air standard, Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson and other giants will have some contention.

An industry insiders told surging journalists that the current global consensus is that the new airspace uses a uniform standard, but in the 5G new airspace package of technical standards inside, the companies are constantly put their own technology patents submitted to the 3GPP, by the 3GPP to determine the final use What kind of technology.

Two years ago, Huawei launched a high-profile 5G new air technology F-OFDM and SCMA, if the final can become a new air standard 5G, will have a greater voice.

Qualcomm said the first completed 5G connection demonstrated a number of advanced 3GPP 5G new air port technology, including adaptive independent TDD subframe, OFDM-based scalable waveform to support greater bandwidth, advanced LDPC channel coding and low Delayed slot structure of the new and flexible design.

The standard dispute of mobile communication is the game of the interests of major enterprises, Qualcomm, Huawei and other standards for the development of a greater voice. The deeper layer behind it affects the national interest.

On November 18 last year, at the 3GPP RAN1 # 87 meeting held in Reno, Nevada, Huawei, the Polar code, which was the main push of Huawei, became the short code coding scheme of the control channel in the 5G eMBB scenario. The high-pass main push LDPC code was used as the data channel Of the coding scheme. Polar was selected as China in the 5G technology research and standardization of important progress, standing behind Huawei is a number of Chinese communications manufacturers.

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