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Samsung Galaxy S9 will be equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Long 845

27 Apr 2017 - Xiao Long

    Although Samsung's new flagship S8 has just opened in the world, the country will have to wait until May 25 will be listed, but now came the news about the next generation Galaxy S9. News that Samsung has begun to jointly develop Qualcomm next year will be adopted Xiaolong 845 processor.
    South Korea has initiated cooperation with Qualcomm to develop a new generation of flagship processor, it will be used in the next year's Galaxy S9 on the release. The processor may use a new generation of 10 nanometer process, the name may be Xiao Long 845. It is said that the processor mass production of Samsung Qualcomm joint development Xiaolong 845 S9 will carry OEM part will be responsible for Samsung, is expected to enter the 10-nanometer process technology TSMC may also join the ranks of OEM.

    It is reported that Qualcomm launched last year's Xiao Long 820 processor, which uses the Samsung 10-nanometer process, launched this year, Xiao Long 835 processor is also Samsung OEM production, and the use of Samsung's second-generation 10-nanometer process. So it is expected next year will launch the new flagship processor will also use the new 10-nanometer process technology, the processor's computing power will be improved again, while further reducing power consumption.
    Although the MWC2017 conference released Sony XZ Premium first equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor, but the Samsung S8 is the world's first listed Xiaolong 835 flagship. In addition, millet new flagship millet 6 also equipped with Xiao Long 835, which will be sold on Friday, but the initial supply will be very limited. While Samsung's rival LG's new flagship G6 has not even been able to use this flagship chip. Visible, in order to win in the future competition, Samsung has begun the layout of the next generation flagship.
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