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Qualcomm 3.0 USB smart aluminum alloy socket, charging 4 devices at the same time .

24 Apr 2017 - smart socket
Perception and texture

1:The new smart socket aluminum alloy material has a more solid than the plastic material and a lot of alloy steel strength, and the product is more luxurious,

2:Specifications upgrade, thicker power cord. High power appliances easy HOLD live (we are thicker than millet)

3:Digital products of the close partner. 4 * USB smart fast charge, multi-device at the same time to meet.

4:Five-star feel, unparalleled pull feel.

5:Size optimization, faster heat dissipation. The most perfect size and safety and beauty.
QC 3.0 socket


1:The new smart socket safety, starting from the real material, high-quality tin phosphor bronze, safer integrated copper process.

2:Multiple lightning protection design, safe connection distance design, can effectively prevent electric shock accident occurred

3:750 degrees high temperature flame retardant materials, effective fire, put an end to security risks

4:Using 53RW (6.8MM diameter), lower heat. Load more

5:PVC power line skin. Flexible and durable (UL approved)

3.0 socket


1:smart socket has four AC jacks. Enough to use. The spacing is reasonable and does not interfere with each other

2:Four USB smart charging interface. Intelligent chip automatically allocate power, support for mobile phones, flat fast charge.

3:Power conversion rate of 85%, compared to the original charger more power, more energy efficient and more efficient.

4:QC2.0 rapid flash. Faster than it is faster. Charging speed increased by 75%


AC INPUT: AC100V ~ AC240V 15A

AC OUTPUT: AC100V ~ AC240V 15A


QC2.0 OUTPUT: 5V / 2A 9V / 1.65A 12V / 1A
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