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QUALCOMM Fast Charge 4.0 System: Charging 5 minutes using 5 hours

02 Jan 2017 - Fast Charge 4.0
According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 18, Qualcomm Express Charging 4.0 technology released the same day, charging 5 minutes, the phone can use 5 hours. Specific products are expected to appear in the first half of 2017 in the market.
fast  charger
The Qualcomm Express Charge 4.0 will provide enough power for your phone after 5 minutes of charging, allowing your phone to last for 5 hours. QUALCOMM Incorporated, based in San Diego, announced that the Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 processor supports fast charge 4.0. Compared with the fast charge 3.0, the fast charge 4.0 speed increased by 20%, efficiency increased by 30%, while the charging temperature is reduced by 5 degrees Celsius.
Compatible with Qualcomm's Fast Charge 3.0 device is a phone with a Xiaolong 820 processor, including the LGE V20, ZTE Axon and HTC 10. Fast Charge 4.0 wants to increase the smartphone's power from 0 to 50% in 15 minutes or less. Fast Charge 4.0 also incorporates an optimal voltage intelligent negotiation power management algorithm (INOV) that optimizes charge by autonomously determining and selecting the optimal level of power transfer under established heat dissipation conditions.
As the phone needs to run more and more processes, the purchase of new mobile phones, battery life becomes more and more important. Earlier this year, market research company Sino-MR found that fast charging will affect 60% of users to buy the next phone. A similar global study by Qualcomm confirmed the figure and found that more than 25 percent of consumers believe that current cell phone charging time is too long. The fast charge 4.0 is expected to appear in the market in the first half of 
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