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Now, the phone can not only see the speed of fast charge!

04 May 2017 - fast charge
Fast charge technology, is the fast charging technology to improve the charging speed is to improve the actual charge of the power P, in physics, power P = voltage U × current I, so all the fast charge technology is to improve the charging power, and some to improve the charge Voltage, some to improve the current, and some voltage and current are improved. Fast mobile phone has become a smart phone essential skills, and now on the market fast charge technology varied, endless, so what fast charge technology is good?
Now, there are many mobile phone fast charge program: Qualcomm QC2 / 0 / 3.0 / 4, MediaTek PE / PE +, OPPO VOOC, Huawei SuperCharge, USB PD (USB Power Delivery Specification) and other fast charge standard, then what kind of fast charge is better What?

Qualcomm QuickCharge Fast Charge Technology

Currently on the market of commercial high-pass QC fast charge technology is still the majority of QC3.0, with Xiaolong 835 together with the release of QC4 fast charge yet to see the actual application of the phone, Qualcomm's fast red solution more biased in favor of high voltage Program, the Samsung S7 edge of the QC2.0 program, the actual charging power of 14W (about 9V / 1.6A) or so, while the millet 6 QC3.0 used to improve the charging strategy, the voltage is lower but the current is greater, the actual Peak charge power in 16W (6.2V / 2.6A), the lower the voltage when the heat is also smaller, so QC3.0 heat generation than QC2.0 smaller, higher charging efficiency.

Of course, there are many other fast-charging technology, including the glory of the commercial Magic Magic, Meizu Super mCharge and other more powerful charging technology, mobile phone fast charge the future will be toward higher charging power, lower heat Direction of development. In the current fast-charge environment, the use of low-voltage high-current fast charge program compared to high-speed fast charge program has a more obvious advantage, not only charging speed, and the charge conversion efficiency than high-pressure fast charge much higher One of the most obvious reactions in the mobile phone charging fever.

Fast charge in addition to the power of another very critical parameter is the charge conversion efficiency, the higher the conversion efficiency of the phone in the charging process less heat, the faster the charging, the user experience is also better.

Of course, in addition to charging power and heat, the fast charge there are other points worthy of attention:

Whether to support bright screen fast charge

Mobile phone charging if the bright screen, then many phones do not support fast charge, only to the conventional charging power to charge, such as the author used the Samsung S7 edge, using Qualcomm QC2.0 fast charge technology, only in the bright screen Can reach 5V / 1A for the 5W charging power, and the screen state can reach 14W charge power, the reason does not support the bright screen recharge I guess may be to control the heat, the use of mobile phones in the CPU in the load mode, the phone itself Will be hot, then coupled with the fast charge will make the phone heat doubled. In addition to Qualcomm QC2.0, OPPO's VOOC flash, Huawei Super Charge and Qualcomm QC3.0 technology have been supporting the bright screen fast charge, even in the bright screen state is still supported with the same as the fast screen charge power.
How much is the battery loss

Fast charge technology will be more or less affect the phone's battery life, the current fast charge program on the battery loss can also be accepted in the use of a year after the fast charge does not have much impact on the battery capacity. At present, most of the companies to provide fast-charge programs are not given from the battery point of view of its impact on battery life, but the national standard battery charge and discharge 500 times after the battery capacity of more than 80% are qualified, within a year The impact on the use of little. The smart phone replacement frequency is relatively high, generally use a year or two after most users will replace the new phone, so fast charge does not significantly affect the user for the use of mobile phone battery experience.
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