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Nokia mobile phone is back ! the first show will be in china !

12 Jan 2017 - Nokia mobile phone

After many years of Nokia mobile phone market has finally come back. Yesterday, HMD launched the first Nokia in the history of Nokia 6 mobile phone, and the first show on China.

In Beijing 798 conference site, covered with "very happy to meet you again," the slogan. Some users lament: "my youth back!" The first show is full of nostalgia. Almost everyone to look at the look to look at, in addition to the "Nokia" three words of charisma, this by the Nokia mobile phone old team composed of the new company on what basis comeback.

HMD global CEO Arto Nummela said the company's opportunity lies in the following three aspects of the combination: Nokia, Andrews, China. "To do smart phones, of course, to the Chinese market," he said.

Arto Nummela is also an old Nokia. Last May, Microsoft sold the Nokia mobile phone business HMD and Foxconn, HMD also received a Nokia brand authorization. December 1 last year, HMD announced the official operation.

The Nokia mobile phone back to the first works of concern. It inherited the Nokia has always been stable and durable quality, and the use of all-metal body design, 5.5-inch screen is also a color. But its equipped with high-pass Xiao Long 430 chip has been friends Tucao, but Nokia product manager insisted that this is the best match, to achieve the performance, experience, power consumption, the best balance.

Nokia 6 price of 1699 yuan, Jingdong as its global pre-sale of the exclusive business platform has been opened for sale, January 19 sale.
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