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New concept 5G mobile phone plan after the listing

11 Apr 2017 - 5G

According to foreign media reports, although the current 5G signal is still a concept, the consumption level of the product will

 have a long time to launch.

5g phone
     However, Qualcomm Corp have been tempted. They said they had to wait until 2019 to launch a real 5G phone, and will

Provide 5G components. At present,the 5G standard has not been published, just to confirm a LOGO, but also can only be 

regarded as a concept level products.Qualcomm Corp also mentioned that Xiaolong X50 5G modem is expected to be out in

 the second half of 2017, while providing the next order is required For the suppliers, in order to start development of 5G device. 

Qualcomm believes that the first batch of mobile phone products is expected to be officially launched in 2018.

    However, in the mobile phone manufacturers, the current 5G technical standards have not been formally introduced, but also 

a relatively long period of excessive, so to Less to wait until 2020 there will be a lot of real 5G mobile phone market. In February,

 the 3GPP organization responsible for monitoring wireless standards officially5G network logo. Compared to the previous logo, 

the 5G logo can highlight the new network speed. 5G network brand This is more complex than the current 4G/LTE, and this time

 set a logo can be used by all manufacturers, but also to the chaotic mobile network A new standard.

     Given from the point of view of the LOGO, the new LOGO and no LTE, LTE-A (Advanced), as well as Advanced Pro notes,
Looks very standard and refreshing. It is very necessary to specify the new logo, if there is no standard and rules, it is bound to
Cause confusion in the market. Previously, AT&T and T-Mobile had launched a fake 4G service.
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