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Multi-port USB charger why not do all the mouth can charge large equipment at the same time?

27 Feb 2017 - Multi-port USB charger
     As the user's mobile device charging current is uncertain, large mobile power to 20W charging, small to the Bluetooth headset tens of milliamperes, we tested to the current commonly used mobile devices, QC3.0 mobile phone in the fast charge port charge, the maximum current More than 16W in the vicinity, such as LG G5; there are individual support fast charge mobile power can be charged 18W, or even larger, such as purple rice mobile power; Tablet PC in the general smart port charge the largest between 1.5-2A, Ordinary smart port charge the largest when the majority of 1.5-1.7A or so, so we often according to each port 2.4A it is the margin.

    Select this power level because it is the highest utilization rate, that is, the most cost-effective, if you want to do enough power, little chance to run at full power, will result in waste of resources, the price will be much higher.

5 port smart charger

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