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Meizu use Qualcomm chips? It's a good news for it!

09 Mar 2017 - Qualcomm chips
There is news that last year and reached a cooperation agreement with Qualcomm Meizu will be launched this year, the adoption of Qualcomm chips Pro7, for this phone brand is clearly a very good news, last year it achieved a 10% increase in shipments , Mainly using MediaTek chips.
MediaTek chip weak highlights
Since the beginning of 2011, the Chinese market has entered the era of smart phones, MediaTek is very good with a multi-core strategy to play their own piece of heaven and earth, from the dual-core to quad-core, and then to the eight nuclear so that the current ten nuclear, once the market formed a processor The more the core the better the wave of performance.
In this trend, the mobile phone chip boss Qualcomm due to independent core development can not keep up with the progress, forced to follow up in 2015 using the ARM's public version of the high-performance core A57 launched eight nuclear Xiaolong 810, but because of A57 power consumption Large lead Xiaolong 810 fever problems, Qualcomm severely fell with a fight, when its high-end chip shipments fell about 60% year on year, then Qualcomm began in the high-end chip to return to its own core.
In MediaTek continue to push the multi-core strategy, Apple has been a dual-core processor (until last year's A10 processor was only a quad-core architecture) push their own iPhone is still the most smooth use of experience, and the market has gradually recognized the multi-core The role of the processor on the phone is limited, after all, mobile phone processing of multi-task scenes is too small, MediaTek's multi-core is no longer so welcomed by the market before.
Last year in October China's largest operator China Mobile asked chip companies and mobile phone companies to support LTE Cat7 and above technology, MediaTek has been to the recent launch of the X30 to support LTE Cat10, before the chip can only support LTE Cat6, which led to its last year's Two major customers OPPO and vivo to give up MediaTek chips and switch to Qualcomm chips. This reflects the MediaTek baseband technology research and development in the backward, X30 only supports 600Mbps downlink, and Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm have released support 1Gbps downlink chips.
Mobile games and other large mobile phone applications and the rise of the VR market so that people noticed the importance of the GPU, the current mobile GPU market leader in Qualcomm, MediaTek is just in this area is more vulnerable, it becomes another weakness.
Meizu with high-pass chip to help its mobile phone business development
Due to a variety of reasons, the Meizu has been only the charm of blue note Telecom version of the use of Xiao Long 615, mainly using MediaTek's chip launch phone, but even so in 2015 achieved a year-on-year growth of more than three times the results, MediaTek chip is more vulnerable to the impact of shipments also achieved a 10% growth.
In the use of Qualcomm chips, Meizu will be able to meet China's largest operator of China Mobile's requirements, while in the whole Netcom technical support is also better than MediaTek to meet the requirements of the three major domestic operators to help reduce the phone style , Reduce operating costs.
Compared to MediaTek has been difficult to get rid of the cottage brand, Qualcomm has been used for domestic mobile phone brand in the flagship phone, which helps Meizu to enhance their brand image.
Meizu through years of efforts to its Pro series of mobile phones in the high-end mobile phone market has a certain influence in the high-pass chip strong performance support to help it further enhance their impact in the high-end market, and high-end market is the Chinese mobile phone The market grew fastest since last year, which helped Meizu to boost shipments.
VR rise to make the domestic mobile phone brand Huawei, millet, Meizu and so are actively into, but because of MediaTek chip GPU performance weak Meizu launched VR products naturally difficult to competitive, if the introduction of high-pass chip will be able to solve this problem. Domestic mobile phone brands have developed VR is one of its reasons for the growth of mobile phone shipments, the world's largest mobile phone brand Samsung last year by virtue of the VR hot boost its high-end mobile phone galaxy S7 edge sales, Meizu and Qualcomm cooperation Such as the success of the VR market will certainly help in which high-end mobile phone shipments growth.
Domestic mobile phone brands in the past few years are actively open up overseas markets, but a number of domestic mobile phone brands are faced with the lack of patent issues, in order to ensure that the development of overseas markets they generally have a strong patent advantage with Qualcomm patent agreement agreement In the moment the most popular Chinese mobile phone brands concerned about the Indian market millet can only sell high-pass chip using mobile phones, no doubt Meizu and Qualcomm will also help to expand its cooperation in overseas markets.
Qualcomm's influence in the high-end market will help to enhance the competitiveness of Meizu, its shipments and profits to enhance the great help in the case of last year's slowdown in shipments, this year using Qualcomm chip launched mobile phone Of the Meizu may win the increase in shipments growth rate.

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