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Meizu 55W phone can charegr in 18 minutes full with efficiency of the physical limit

24 Mar 2017 - Meizu 55W phone
Meizu in Barcelona MWC 2017 General Assembly launched the third generation of the world's fast charge technology - SuperperChap, using 11V / 5A new high-voltage direct charge program, the maximum power of up to 55W, known as 20 minutes filled with a mobile phone (3000mAh). On Sunday, Zhujiang Taiwan reporter visited Meizu headquarters, Super mCharge for further understanding. After a reporter measured, only 18 minutes and 12 seconds, a phone that is filled from 0 to 100, and the heat in good condition.
55w quick charger
18 minutes full charge Meizu 55W fast charge efficiency of the physical limit

According to Meizu R & D personnel, Super mCharge charging conversion efficiency of 98%, close to the theoretical limit of 100%, and they should be the world's first to use the new charging IC manufacturers. It is understood that, Super mCharge has voltage, current monitoring and adjustment mechanisms such as 10 heavy safety protection. As well as a new addition to the E-Mark intelligent security chip for charging security to provide dynamic protection.

In addition, the Meizu 55W fast charge data line specifications to 20V / 8A, the maximum transmission of 160W of electricity, leaving three times the safety margin, and fully guarantee the safety of wire. And the new custom security batteries can be 800 cycles charge and discharge still have more than 80% capacity, enough users to use about two years or so.

Meizu is now unknown when the 55W fast charge business to their own products, but have to say that this is following mBack, Meizu once again lead the industry pioneer innovation.

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