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Letv with xiaolong quick charger,changing the thousand cellphone!

15 Mar 2017 - xiaolong quick charger
Open less than 3 months, this phone like mushrooming, wave of the release, and the value and cost are quite high, but the new machine at the same time, it is bound to mean that there are many flagship machines have to cut prices open 

circuit. And music as mobile phones in the last year can be said to shine, high with low price to become its biggest selling point, and now after the price is surprising!

Extinguished aesthetics:
As the last year's heavy flagship machine, its value is indeed high, especially the state of the screen, 5.7-inch 2K screen with ID no border design, really look great! And the screen NTSC color gamut as high as 95%, the display is very 

seductive. But also with a metal body, after CNC, grinding, anodizing, sandblasting and other processes make the metal surface can show this similar to the effect of fine matte, feel good.
le phone

Xiao Long strong:
Letv max2 there is a greater bright spot, is the use of last year's hottest processor - Xiao Long 820 processor, also coupled with the highest 6G + 128G Guards storage, so you no longer afraid to use no memory! As well as rear 21 million 

and the front 8 million pixel camera, rear also supports OIS optical image stabilization, PDAF phase focus, shoot beautiful no more difficult ah. Built-in 3100mAh battery, support for new fast charge. At the same time fingerprint 

identification, CDLA digital audio output, dual card dual standby all Netcom are some.
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