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Letv phone as the new PPT mobile phone leak with the new QC4.0 fast charge !

15 Dec 2016 - QC4.0,PPT mobile phone
Qualcomm's QC4.0 fast charge technology has just been released in the near future, 

known as charging 5 minutes, 5-hour fast charge standard, although the first half of 

next year will officially start commercial, but the PPT mobile phone as a gimmick of 

music in the near future announced soon QC4.0 charging mobile phone. The machine is 

not long ago certified music as Lex950, will be equipped with high-pass Xiaolong 835 


phone with QC 4.0

According to the domestic site news Qualcomm's QC4.0 technology will use 9V / 3A 

specifications, the maximum output power up to 28w.
The music as the new machine will use 5V / 5A 8V / 3A charger. Taking into account the 

relationship between Qualcomm and music as the music is likely to be the right to 

start QC4.0.
In addition, this Letv phone as the new machine's memory may be as high as 8GB. 

Although the music at the end of September when LeX950 has been recognized by the 

Ministry of Industry and identified the name, but because of the upstream supply chain 

reasons, when the phone release is not known. But received funding as the current 

financial impact of the chain break Dual 3 and Le Max 3 two long-revealed phone is not 

yet released. The release date of the LE X950, which will be released in the form of a 

conference PPT, appears to be even more distant in the foreseeable future.
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