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Large capacity + fast charge technology These phones enough for you to use 2-3 days!

31 Mar 2017 - fast charge

At present, with the proportion of mobile phones in life is growing, more and more places to use mobile phones, regardless of daily communication or viewing entertainment, people are increasingly inseparable from the phone. So, this time, an unavoidable problem arises, that is the power of the phone. After all, the phone with a sudden no electricity, and will bring a lot of trouble.


At present, now people in the purchase of mobile phones, in addition to the daily configuration and appearance options, the mobile phone life has become a more concerned about one aspect. It is precisely because of this, many mobile phone manufacturers in the mobile phone life want a lot of ways, such as battery capacity increased to 4000 mA or more or use fast charge technology.
smart superphone

But there are many types of mobile phones in this area, how should we choose it? Do not worry, then, Xiao Ming gave you recommend several life to force the phone, so you no longer worry.

Mi max
mi max

Millet Max 6.44 inches with a large screen, bringing a very good visual experience, can be said to see video artifacts; in addition to large screen, millet also equipped with up to 4850mAh large capacity battery, can provide users with long-term Life experience, and includes fingerprint recognition, infrared remote control and other functions readily available.

Jin Li M6plus


Jin Li M6plus equipped with MediaTek MT6755 processor, 4GB of storage plus 64GB of storage brings excellent system performance, 8 million pixel front camera to meet the user's shooting needs. And provide 6020mAh large battery. And Jin Li M6 Plus or the first use of 700Wh / L high-density high-capacity battery phone, in the case of heavy use has about three days of battery life.

Glory note8

Huawei glory Note8 uses up to 6.6 inches of 2K resolution screen, bringing excellent display. Equipped with a 4500mAh battery, bringing a very good battery life experience. Kirin 955 processor is also the use of the performance of your protection. At the same time, glory and glory Note8 support dual card dual standby all Netcom network.
Mi note2


Mi Note2 high with version of the 5.7-inch 1080P Full HD screen, equipped with high-pass Xiao Long 821 high-end processor, 6GB running memory and 128GB storage space, with 8 million front and rear 23 million pixel camera, built-in 4070mAh capacity battery, , Support the whole Netcom dual card dual standby, running based on Android 6.0 depth customization MIUI 8 system.
These models, the battery capacity are more than 4000mAh, but also uses a fast charge technology, I believe will be able to better meet your mobile phone life needs
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