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Korean electronic products KC certification

06 Feb 2017 - Korean electronic products KC certification
Second, the application of new products KC certification required to submit the following documents

Electrical appliances safety certification application (mandatory products);

Self - regulatory safety application for electrical appliances and self - regulatory safety declaration for electrical appliances (self - discipline products);

1) a direct impact on the safety of the parts list;

2) Electrical wiring diagram (product circuit diagram);

3) detailed specifications of the transformer (related products);

4) Insulation material catalog (temperature, pressure resistance characteristics or flame resistance grade, etc.);

5) Product certificate (including Korean product certificate);

6) Labeling;

7) Agent authorization document (mandatory for mandatory products; for self-regulatory products required by the agent to apply);

8) Factory survey or questionnaires (mandatory product). ??

Third, KC safety certification --label requirements

1. Safety certification mark with safety certification code;

2. Product name; (must be Korean)

3. Model name;

4. Rated input and output;

5. Manufacturer's name; (Factory)

6. Country of origin; (if South Korea outside the production, to be specified)

7. Production date (year, month, day or batch number);

8. Korean telephone service providers, address;

9. Double Insulation Mark; Back (if any)

Rated input time (in the case of a very short product input time);

? Note: If the product is Class2, you need to add "back" symbol. The simplest way to distinguish between Calss 1 and 2 is to see if the device is grounded ("there is" àclass1 "none" àclass1)

KC certification number:?

By the safety certification body distinction code, product classification number, manufacturer number and other components:

① "S (Z)": the distinguishing code of the safety certification body (S: mandatory; Z: self-regulatory safety confirmation);

② "W": The area code of the manufacturer of the electric appliance (Korea: A ~ Q; Asia:

Middle East: X; Africa: Y; others: Z);

③ "09": electrical appliances classification;

④ "999": the same region / the same product classification of the number of manufacturing plants;

⑤ "8": the last number of the year (ie 0 in 2000 and 8 in 2008);

⑥ "001": Number of the basic model of the same plant / same product classification.

latest KC certification
Fourth, KC safety certification - Note

1. Voltage:

Single-phase: AC 110V, AC220V, three-phase AC 380V, 50 / 60Hz;

(230V 50Hz, 220V50Hz not applicable)

2. Certified product range:

Products using DC and AC below 1000V (old range: products using 50V-1000V AC)

3. Control of the number of factories:

When two or more factories are manufacturing the same electrical products, they are required to provide the factory's business license and produce the same electrical product certificate, which can be listed on the same certificate

4. Accreditation standards: only recognized IEC international standard test reports and certificates, and other CE FCC, etc. are not recognized. ??
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