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Jingdong: mi6 re-confirmed! Qualcomm 835 one word: stable!

18 Apr 2017 - mi6

 These two days again dense burst of mi6 related information, and almost confirmed the emergence of information, I believe that soon millet 6 will have a wide range of news coming. And now grumble digital that the mi6 more reliable news is that millet 6 will use the screen version, and in the configuration is basically the domestic starting Xiaolong 835 processor, and will launch 4G, 6GB of large storage, the use of Double photo design.


    In addition, mi home big V said that this time the mi6 will also cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, and support IP68 waterproof technology, with ceramic colorful body. And last year's millet 6 even appeared GFXbench database, the specific configuration is also fully exposed, using the Qualcomm 835 processor, 5.1-inch 1080P screen, 4G +64G / 6G + 128G, 800 million front +1200 million main camera, Complete flagship level configuration. And today Jingdong broke the news, mi will be the second (three) home released 835 chip mobile phone brand.
    However, the price for the mi 6 is still doubtful, the outside world generally believe that mi6 will be price increases, but the magnitude should not be too big, mainly scruples to the price tag it
    At the same time, users said mi 6 will be released on April 19, but the stock is only one hundred thousand units, can only be snapped up. Are you ready for money?
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