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Jin M5plus configuration 18W 5020mAh large battery fast charging!

13 Mar 2017 - Jin M5plus
Often heard outside the house there are three things that can not leave the body, mobile phone, wallet, keys are three piece, in fact to this era has not only need these three things, you also need a charge treasure, because of the use of high frequency mobile phone, and not a good life, so only by charging Polaris increase endurance to solve this problem, can only increase the capacity of mobile phone battery, mobile phone battery capacity but blindly increase the mean overall mobile phone was big, not what difference and bring a charge treasure, so need to find a suitable point, and this is the Jin M5 Plus pretty good.

    jin cellphone
We all know the size of the battery capacity is very important, mobile phone manufacturers also know, just want to design and install a large battery is difficult in the smart mobile phone, little attention on the mobile phone may be designed as a big man, Jin M5 Plus at this point do not be OK, the battery capacity is 5020mAh, the screen is 6 inches large screen high-definition mobile phone, the thickness of 8.4mm, I believe than it must have many thin mobile phone, but the mobile phone battery general did it, as for the intelligent mobile phone battery capacity is larger, the price will be much higher than the mobile phone, the Jin M5 Plus price in Jingdong has dropped to 1799 yuan, when compared to the published price is already down 700 yuan.

Jin M5 Plus body with a metal material, also looks a business style, but the mobile phone configuration is not enough to see, is really a continuation of the consistent with low price Jin style is MediaTek MT6753 eight core processor, running memory 3GB also look at the past, the capacity of 64GB is fairly normal, but MediaTek processor uses the mobile phone Diaojia does make a lot, as the camera is Plus Jin M5 standard business mobile phone style, a combination of 5 million pixel front and rear 13 million pixels, but Jin official did not do too much introduction to the two camera, only the rear camera support phase is the main focus, after all the high life of the mobile phone, the camera is also estimated just meet the daily needs.
jinM5 plus

    Jin M5 Plus maintains the advantages of Gionee mobile phone front of fingerprint recognition, and the Home key pre fingerprint identification module also supports custom settings, can be configured to achieve long press the Home key to open the various functions and procedures, in addition to Jin M5 Plus is not only a large battery, fast charging technology also has 18W, or use the charging of commonly used 5020mAh or quite want to be full time, from the price of 1799 yuan to see the big screen mobile phone, battery life still can now, but the configuration is really too low, estimated that many people will associate with a mobile phone to see Jin MediaTek processor, is almost the same as the OPPO mobile phone, but the main OPPO is the camera, while Jin is the flagship of the high life.
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