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IPhone8 lead mobile phone technology innovation fast charge technology rapid growth !

09 May 2017 - IPhone8
  IPhone8 lead mobile phone technology innovation

  2017 is the tenth anniversary of the birth of the iPhone. The market is expected to iPhone 8 will have many innovations, multi-chip HDI mobile phone board become a trend. At the same time, a number of single parts will be integrated into each other modules to antenna as the core integration of other parts.


  2017 iPhone new models or the use of OLED screen, the third generation of display technology OLED applications in the mobile phone market will be detonated.
At the same time, flexible OLED screen, 5G, the development of wireless charging to promote the use of 3D glass, 3D glass 100 billion market is expected to break out.
In 2016, driven by Huawei and Apple, a number of companies launched dual camera phones, 2017 this momentum will be more rapid development.

Fast-charge charging rapid growth

iphone 8

  With the rapid charging technology is mature, fast-charging equipment will become increasingly popular, demand will grow rapidly.
IPhone8 is expected to support fast charge, will lead the mobile phone industry, the wave of wireless charging
Fast charge is a technical trend. The current penetration rate of less than 20% of the fast-filling mobile phone, the future penetration is expected to gradually accelerate the new release of mobile phones have been mostly support fast charge.

  Then we now have Qualcomm fast charge charger, will also fit the future of technology trends. now,we have ownned the hot products:

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