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IPhone 8 to keep Lightning interface iphone fast charge era has arrived?

03 Mar 2017 - IPhone 8
The next generation iPhone will cancel the Lightning lightning interface and switch to the industry standard USB-C interface. But now, KGI Securities, a well-known analyst Guo Ming in the latest submission of the report gives a very different argument that this year's three next generation iPhone will retain Lightning interface, but will join the USB-C power transmission (Power Delivery) Technology to get fast charge function.

iphone 8 OLED

Support USB-C fast charge

According to KGI Securities, a well-known analyst Guo Mingchi in the latest report to disclose the statement, this year all models will support fast charge technology. And three new iPhone will use the USB-C interface, power transmission technology to get fast charge function, but at the same time will retain the traditional Lightning interface.

At the same time Apple in order to ensure fast when the product safety and access to stable data transmission, will use TI Texas Instruments power management chip and Cypress power transmission chip program. In addition, Guo Ming also specifically mentioned OLED version of the iPhone charging speed may be faster, because the models use the L-shaped battery pack design.

iPhone Lightning

22w fast charge function

Of course, Apple on the next generation iPhone to keep Lightning interface or a lot of considerations, such as Lightning interface than USB-C smaller, but also to maintain the MFi certified project to bring the huge income, and USB-C high-speed data transmission program And so on, making Apple have reason to continue to use Lightning interface. In addition, the past there is news that Apple will still adhere to the use of Lightning interface, but the other end of the data cable USB-A interface to USB-C interface, which is also part of the statement with Guo Ming 吻.

It is worth mentioning that, for the next generation iPhone fast charge technology, although Guo Ming 錤 did not disclose more details. But according to friends in the posted it broke the news that the next generation of three new iPhone iPhone will support 11V / 2A charge output, while the charging power from 10w jump to 22w, as for the rest of the details are also no more news.

iphone 8

This year there is no iPhone 8

And for many users concerned about the next generation of iPhone's wireless charging function, there are two kinds of argument, one is the touch-type wireless charging base design, the other is the so-called wireless charging technology, allegedly similar to Wireless routing, in the room plug in the wireless charger, and then users can be accessible in the case of the room, within 25 meters can be charged, but the best effect within 5 meters. However, both programs are not yet finalized in the test.

iPhone X

In addition, there are news broke the news more accurate users said that this year will not have the so-called iPhone 8 launch, equipped with OLED display next generation iPhone will be a new name. From the current information from the point of view, the aircraft was named the possibility of a larger iPhone X, on the one hand in the Roman figures on behalf of 10, in line with Apple's 10th anniversary edition of the argument, on the other hand this iPhone will be a history Ever change the largest models, so hope to use the new name to get greater attention.
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