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Huawei future mobile phone magic !

03 Jan 2017 - super fast charge

Positive end of the occasion, Huawei will bring this year's last mobile phone, and is the most heavy suspense of a mobile phone. Currently on the concept of this glory Magic has exposed the relevant information. The following Xiaobian for everyone to summarize about this "future mobile phone" situation:


First, the configuration

It is said that the glory Magic will be equipped with 5-inch 2K screen, equipped with Kirin 950 processor (not even 960 did not spend), memory for the 4GB, camera for the front and rear camera, rear camera pixels 12 million, support iris recognition technology.

Second-the appearance

Glory Magic double-sided glass and four curved surface design, frame for the gold metal frame, ultra-thin body. According to the industry Panjiutang broke the news, the phone's hardware and design are very stunning, presumably appearance will give a refreshing feeling.



It is said that glory Magic will use its own OS system, but it seems not based on Linux development, is still based on Android, but what is estimated and Andrews system depth customization of the system will be very different, otherwise Huawei directly 

nomic system based on Linux is also no good, and a system it needs is a new ecosystem, if the system developed without supporting a powerful ecosystem is useless. Microsoft did the original mobile phone system did not do it together, so stable or good. A netizen revealed that the new system UI interface similar to Apple.


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