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Huawei P10 support super low voltage fast charge charge 30 minutes battery life 24h!

27 Mar 2017 - Huawei P10
March 24, we have long been looking forward to Huawei's new flagship mobile phone HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus released in Shanghai, in addition to bring new color grass green / diamond carving blue, portrait photography, front Lycra, voice assistant, More optimistic about the super fast charge technology.
"Endurance" can be described as the focus of the past two years, mobile phone manufacturers. The new flagship HUAWEI P10 / P10 Plus not only uses 3200mAh, 3750mAh large capacity battery, but also with the new HUAWEI SuperCharge fast charge technology. According to reports, in support of low-voltage fast charge at the same time, but also to super security mechanism from the charger to the battery and battery design in all aspects of all-round security risks to ensure rapid and safe charging.
Huawei SuperCharge fast charge with 4.5V5A, power 22W, the official said, charging 30 minutes can be a lifetime. At the same time, Huawei has also introduced a 1000mAh super fast charge mobile power, also supports 4.5V5A 22W two-way fast charge, and provide 12 heavy security, and obsidian black, green grass and moonlight silver three.
Huawei P10 China Conference is currently being held, the specific configuration, price and time to market later announced.
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