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Huawei P10 super fast charge, super life!

17 Mar 2017 - Huawei P10 super charge
      Business activities in the phone was off the hook, the power of an emergency you worry about the boss can not find their own? Out of the door suddenly realized that the phone did not charge, congestion on the road no electricity can only let you more worry? The screen is getting bigger, just take a look at the video game, watching the phone power grid more shortened? In the daily work, life, entertainment, smart phones like air and we are inseparable, the phone did not let people full of anxiety, at a loss. Therefore, a battery life super mobile phone can lift people's worries. Huawei MWC2017 released the day before the Huawei P10 series of new machines, is such a has a strong endurance, for you to extend the use of time; fast charge strength of people shines, emergency time to save the high-end flagship machine.


       Huawei P10 load 3200mAh battery, the technical parameters to look forward to longer standby time consumers are relieved. At the same time, chip performance and system optimization play a vital role in improving battery life. Chip, Huawei P10 with a clocked at up to 2.4GHz eight-core core unicorn 960, compared with the previous generation, CPU energy efficiency increased by 18%, running faster, more durable in the high-performance state, even if many APP at the same time , But also to maintain the system's high-speed operation.

       System optimization, EMUI 5.1 system by learning the use of user behavior, monitoring the system behavior of each application, targeted deployment of resources, recycling system resources to protect the lasting and smooth experience. HUAWEI Ultra Memory technology, once again to achieve performance improvement, improve the speed of mobile phones and response time, fundamentally change the use of memory, effectively improve the application startup speed. It can be said, EMUI 5.1 intelligent system and HUAWEI Ultra Memory technology, so that Huawei P10 lasting and smooth, long with the new.


       Charging 5 minutes, you can wait for most of the day, this "magic" behind the phenomenon, is a strong technical strength of the support. Huawei P10 using the latest SuperCharge fast charge technology to support low-voltage fast charge, charging five minutes to see a about 90 minutes of the film. Not only charge fast, more 15-layer security protection mechanism to ensure that the charge quickly and secure, while the large capacity battery, bringing Chang long life experience. P10 is equipped with 3200mAh large battery only charge 30 minutes, the amount of charge can reach more than 50%, so that the performance is excellent enough. Powerful and safe SuperCharge fast charge technology, coupled with strong endurance, no longer have to worry about mobile phone life, even if there is no electricity, and praise the "fast charge" can make your phone instantly full of vitality.

      If the super mobile phone life and praise of the fast charge function so that business people full of praise, then the 2017 fashion color "green grass" for the role of play, breath launched drill gold, obsidian black, drilling blue , Streamer gold, Haoyue silver, rose gold, ceramic white, grass green eight color mobile phone Huawei P10, absolutely let fashion people heart. Huawei P10 continues the industry's top shooting advantage, with Leica joint design and development of 12 million pixel color and 20 million pixel black and white dual camera combination, the introduction of new 3D face detection, professional skin enhancement algorithm, intelligent fill light and Based on dual camera background blur algorithm, so that Huawei P10 in the portrait shooting promising.
huawei P10
      Long battery life and Kaopu fast charge function to bring you more sense of security, whether it is a business trip, picnic, leisure, make you leisurely. This spring, fast to take a vegetation green Huawei P10, record the beauty of this spring and beauty.
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