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High-pass Xiao Long 835 Asia's first show, stunning debut!

28 Mar 2017 - Xiao Long 835


March 22 news, following the Qualcomm 835 chip in the World Mobile Conference debut, today in Beijing ushered in its Asian debut. Qualcomm official description of the Xiao Long 835 processor performance and more innovative, flying network also carried out a simple order.

10 nanometer craft God assists life + fast charge

Almost every generation of high-pass Xiao Long processor in the semiconductor technology has improved. From last year's 14-nanometer process of high-pass Xiao Long 820 to today's 10-nanometer process of high-pass Xiao Long 835, high common strength interpretation of what is called every step has a surprise!

As the world's first 10-nanometer chip, Xiao Long 835 package size compared to the previous generation products reduced by 35%, reducing the power consumption of 25%, and integrated 3 billion transistors, the overall size is smaller than a corner coin. Not only to support a more thin design, while extending the battery life.

Not only that, Xiaolong 835 is also equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 fast charge technology, compared with Quick Charge 3.0, to enhance the 20% of the charging speed, that is, Xiao Long 835 clever balance of life and fast red in this regard. This is a heavy phone for the control of friends, can be really like a masterpiece ah!

Once again equipped with eight core run Guards days

The scene of the media on the use of Xiaolong 835 processor prototype run test, the results show that Xiaolong 835 of the rabbit rabbit run points have more than 180,000 mark to a small lead the previous has been at the top of the iPhone7 Plus.

This result is clearly because Qualcomm in the Xiao Long 835 who used the Kryo 280 self-research eight core, clocked at up to 2.45GHz, the official said the performance increase of 20%. GPU, the Xiao Long 835 with Adreno 540 processor, graphics rendering speed increased by 25%, 50% increase in computing performance, support up to 4K 60 frames per second video display.

Gigabit LTE fill 5G before the arrival of the vacancy

Global gigabit LTE momentum is strong, the data show that the world has 3 gigabit terminals, the world's 15 operators, 37 countries, 183 commercial LTE-A network are actively promoting the development of Gigabit LTE network.

The Xiao Long 835 integrated X16 LTE modem, support Gigabit LTE connectivity, so that gigabit experience everywhere. It is understood that Xiaolong 835 built-in X16 LTE modem using the same number of spectrum and LTE Cat.9, but in addition to the need for four 20MHz carrier aggregation, 256-QAM, it also added two carrier aggregation 4x4 MIMO more Into the extra.

Complete immersion is new "reality"

In the immersive experience, the Xiaolong 835 will meet the needs of VR / AR in terms of performance, heat dissipation and energy efficiency constraints, while supporting the Google Daydream platform for high-quality mobile VR experience, bringing visual, sound and interactive performance Ascension.

In view of the visual aspect, the HDR 10 technology, which is supported by the Xiaolong 835, can enhance the color of the picture; the new focus point rendering technology enhances the fineness of the picture and reduces the delay; the enhanced Adreno 540 GPU can bring up to 25% graphics rendering speed.

Audible, the Xiao Long 835 supports object-based and scene-based audio experience; mobile platform built-in Aqstic audio codec can provide high-fidelity level DSD audio; Snapdragon 835 Fluence technology can reduce the background noise and echo, bring clear and bright the sound of.

In terms of interaction, Qualcomm has developed a fast and accurate 6DOF VIO system for the Xiao Long 835 mobile platform and has launched a gesture tracking feature with Leap Motion to give players a more immersive immersive experience.

Optical zoom how beautiful how to shoot

Take pictures, Xiao Long 835 on the two-pole upgrade, for the dual-camera different algorithms, you can achieve better optimization, eliminating the need for built-in optical module in the phone and affect the design. Xiao Long 835 support dual 16 million pixel camera or support up to 32 million pixel camera. Smooth optical zoom function and fast auto focus technology, greatly enhance the static photos and video capture experience.

Of course, in addition, in terms of safety performance Xiaolong 835 also performed very well, mobile platform equipped with Qualcomm Haven security platform can support fingerprint recognition, based on eye and face biometrics, from software to hardware Xiaolong 835 omnidirectional Mobile phone escort.

According to Qualcomm, in 2016 the world's top ten 3G / 4G mobile phone manufacturers in seven manufacturers from China, and in 2010 only one from China's manufacturers. More and more Chinese mobile phone manufacturers dubbed the high-pass Xiao Long train from the domestic to the world. In addition, carrying Xiaolong 835 commercial terminal will also be shipped in the first half of 2017, the world's first equipped with 835 processor phone has been Samsung off, and the first equipped with this chip, will be millet 6 mobile phone The This is just the beginning, Qualcomm had a spring, I believe that in the near future we will see more domestic mobile phone manufacturers flagship products equipped with its new debut.
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