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HUAWEI nova fast charge, super life!

06 Apr 2017 - HUAWEI nova
Zhongguancun online news: for a pair of chanting to the extreme requirements of the people, often have a good movie out, can not wait to want to see a enough this time. But things backfire, the phone is always very disappointing, although the battery life is not too bad, but for our class of severe patients is not enough, every time you have to go out to have to charge the treasure to prepare for contingencies The Usually good, sometimes call to play more, electricity is not enough.
huawei charger
In fact, many young people now rely heavily on mobile phones, although the performance of mobile phones are now greatly improved, low-power processors and large battery life, but these can not fundamentally solve the problem, mobile phone No electricity how to do! The result is not to charge, but also to charge faster and more secure to go. Therefore, the current fast-charging mobile phone for the heavy use of mobile phones is increasingly important.

Speaking of fast charge, Huawei mobile phone in this area is indeed doing a good job, recently launched a young family for the creation of HUAWEI nova youth smart phone, not only high value and strong performance, there are similar products on the market leader Fast charge technology.
huawei quick charger
We focus on what you look at the power and fast charge function it In the fuselage, the HUAWEI nova youth version has a 3000mAh large capacity battery, to ensure that this phone has a more excellent performance. 9V 2A 18W fast charge technology is to make this phone for the young and heavy users to provide peace of mind to ensure that the power.

And this phone built-in optimized power-saving system applications, greatly enhance the battery life, the official said 97 minutes to be full, full of users can reach 1.9 days after the use of time.

I try it a bit fast charge technology, from the charging speed point of view, 15 minutes will be able to charge from 0% to 30%, and completely filled with almost more than an hour, it seems 18W charging power is still very effective The

And then try to chase it! In the phone there are 34% of the time, I see a "three students three miles of peach" online video, about 90 minutes long, with 1080P HD mode. After watching the film, HUAWEI nova youth version of electricity there are 10%. We may wish to estimate that charging only took ten minutes, you can support a 90 minutes of high-definition network video and also left, we can see "charging ten minutes, chase two hours" publicity is not fame. Which for this battery capacity is already a very good performance. HUAWEI nova youth version of the life is indeed strong enough! Not only low power consumption, heat control is also very good, do not feel hot, indicating that its power conversion efficiency is also high.
huwei fast charger
And then use the remaining power to try some of the commonly used APP application it First, brush microblogging, chatting WeChat, see the news. The results have been high strength use also insisted for 30 minutes. Therefore, for those who like to take the phone to see the video, brush microblogging or chat WeChat users this is a huge surprise, no longer have to worry about when the drama suddenly shut down. Even if the phone no electricity outside, and charge that a few minutes of leisure time to let yourself take a break, and then you can continue to be happy to chase it!
to sum up:
Now on the market with a lot of fast-charging mobile phone, but like HUAWEI nova youth version of this, from the performance, color, eye function and other aspects of the use of very good very few. So, if you like mobile Internet, chase drama, then this fast charge powerful HUAWEI nova youth version really worth a try!
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