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Guomei mobile phone to the iris unlock 25W fast charge, 2699 yuan!

07 Apr 2017 - Guomei mobile phone
Although the smart phone market is getting worse mixed, but there are still many manufacturers hesitate to invest in this area, and even the United States are ready to launch their own brand online mobile phone.
Currently in the country the United States online, a product called the United States K1 has begun to make an appointment, the price of 2699 yuan, strictly speaking, configuration is not extraordinary.

From the picture, the aircraft's shape is more traditional, using a positive fingerprint identification design, the body for the metal material, the whole is quite rounded.
Official introduction, the new machine is used 2.75D screen glass, compared to 2.5D radian display effect is more natural / three-dimensional, and even a bit like a curved screen effect. At the same time, the new machine also supports iris recognition, is one of the few phones that support this feature.

Configuration, the machine uses a 5.2-inch 1080p display, equipped with Helio P20 eight-core 2.3GHz processor, built-in 4GB memory and 64GB body storage space, providing 16 million pixel rear camera and 8 million pixel front camera, battery capacity 3500mAh , Support 5V / 5A (25W) fast charge and dual card dual standby all Netcom.

Price, the country the Guomei K1 price of 2699 yuan


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